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Catch ball shoes are a canvas shoe brand made with the motif of the sturdy and durable active shoes worn by Swedish and Belgian soldiers in the 1950s to enjoy sports.

At that time, soldiers in the 1950s and 1960s wanted durable, comfortable shoes that would not easily tear or wear out even in the extreme sports they enjoyed.
So, the soldiers' active shoes use a very tough and thick woven canvas so that they do not tear easily, and the front part of the shoes, which is padded with rubber several times, is made to be used for a long time without being easily worn out.

Catch ball shoes are made using Japanese canvas fabric, cotton laces, and natural rubber to take advantage of these advantages and consider design and comfort as well as superior functionality.
In addition, The leather and suede version used original leather and Suede fabric of the finest Italian to add a sense of luxury.


Made in South Korea